Why use Pay As You Go Marketing Support

Why digital marketing?

Before getting into the pros of specifically using pay as you go support for your digital marketing campaigns, it is wise to outline the seismic importance of a successful, dynamic digital marketing campaign for your business in the first instance. Enlisting the support of a digital marketing agency is arguably the only way you can successfully tackle the unique and ever-evolving challenges of SEO and brand awareness strategy in a fast moving digital world without over-diluting your own use of time and stretching your capabilities beyond their natural limits. Digital marketing campaigns will take many forms including content marketing strategieswebsite overhauls, keyword research, social media strategies and PPC advertising. Experienced marketing agencies will be able to come up with a multi-pronged approach that will provide measurable results, generate leads and boost your bottom line.

Why Pay As You Go?

For small businesses a pay as you go marketing approach is inarguably the most cost-effective and prudent approach. It avoids the need to become tied in to contracts that may require payments during quieter periods, can help if you just want a one-off campaign and can be implemented to cover maternity leave or sick periods for in-house digital marketers and web managers. You may have a temporary skill gap that needs covering by reliable experts. It can also simply provide an effective way of using resources on a short term basis to kick start a digital marketing campaign that may lead to a more long-term arrangement or continue as pay as you go. In other words, one of the principal advantages is the flexibility of this arrangement.

Content creation

One of the key areas that a pay as you go situation can cover is populating your blogs and websites with quality content. Digital marketing companies will have in-house content providers who are on hand to take on freelance writing work as directed, at short notice and are dab hands at creating unique, bespoke keyword-optimised content. This makes for a fantastically flexible arrangement for most small companies looking to stimulate organic traffic from the relevant potential customer base.

Email marketing

There are many circumstances where companies have a one-off announcement they wish to get out to subscribers, or only need a few campaigns each year. In such scenarios pay as you go is a superb option. Digital marketing agencies will often offer a service where you can pay for credits that cover a certain number of emails sent, with no overall contract.

Website auditing

One great example of a pay as you go approach comes in the form of website auditing. You may want to limit your overall spend but give your website the best revamp you can afford – this is the ideal scenario for enlisting pay as you go marketing support. Digital marketing companies will be able to bring their SEO experience to the fore, making sure the various pages on your site are well optimised for Google, you are not suffering from easily solvable bounce rates, poor loading times and duplicate content that can damage your ranking.

There are so many reasons for going down the pay as you go route, but in summary the biggest overall benefit is undoubtedly the flexibility and financial prudency the approach allows for.