Three reasons why good design and good copy is a force to be reckoned with.

3 reasons why good design and good copy is a force to be reckoned with.

A true story In a former life, a very senior manager once said, “As long as it looks good, they won’t notice.” He was referring to a slide pack we were creating for a board of executives. They wanted an update on the progress of an internal transformation programme. His view was that if the slides looked good, it would hide the fact that the story was lacklustre. In other words, the gloss, would hide the dross.

Read on to find out how that story ended...
No! You can’t use gloss, to hide the dross

We’re unapologetic in our conviction: gloss can’t hide dross.

It’s down to both the visuals and the copy – to send an effective message, or make a powerful impact. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers with a brochure, or whether you’re trying to make an impression through your website – the visuals and the copy count in equal measure.

But sadly, there are lots businesses out there who have great visuals, but poor copy – or poor visuals, and great copy. Or even both.

It crops up:

• on their websites
• on their brochures and leaflets
• on their social media posts

• and in their content marketing
As a business, why should you care?

The best, and most successful brands in the world, put equal effort into what they look like, and what they sound like.

If you’re a high-end restaurant, you wouldn’t provide your diners with a badly written and poorly designed menu. It would be in conflict with your brand.

So, why would you have brilliant copy on any marketing materials, that’s accompanied by poor photographs of your products?

The personality of your business must be reflected everywhere ¬¬– in your visuals, in your words, and through your actions.
Okay, so 3 reasons why good design and good copy is a force to be reckoned with

To sum it up then…

1. If you’re serious about consistently demonstrating your brand in everything you do – from how you answer the phone, to how you serve your customers – then the same must be true for your marketing. Whether that’s your website, your leaflets, your advertising, or your signage. The copy and the design must be in harmony.

2. Great copywriting and great design go hand in hand. Look at this communication from KFC, apologising for running out of chicken last year. It featured in many national newspapers in 2018, and went viral. Why? Because of the positive impact it had.

It’s a cheeky visual that calls for informal words. If the words below the image were stuffy and reserved, they wouldn’t be in keeping with image – nor the sentiment of the communication itself.

3. The facts speak for themselves. Here’s an interesting one for you. People who follow directions with copy and visuals, do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.
The moral of the story?

So, back to our anecdote earlier. Did you guess what happened?

Yes, that’s right, the presenter was frogmarched out of the board room.
How we can help?

Here at C2 Business, our copywriters and designers work side by side. Not only do we benefit from that, but the real winners are our clients.

But don’t take our word for it, we’d be only too happy to show you examples of our harmonious work.