Five Things A Poor Website Says About You And Your Business.

You’ve either got a website, or you’re thinking of getting one.

If that’s you, we hope this blog will bring to light, just how important your website is to your business.

It may sound obvious – but in our opinion, businesses genuinely need reminding.
Stop what you’re doing for a minute.

It’s useful to just pause, and remind yourself why you got a website in the first place.

No doubt, it was to get business. Are we right?

So, just like the care and effort you put into delivering a sales pitch to potential client; or creating a product for your customers – the same attention needs to go into making your website work.

If you’re guilty of finishing it, and forgetting it – read on to discover why it’s time to remember why you created your website, and what benefit it can bring your business.
What kind of impression are you making?

It only takes 0.05 seconds for somebody to form an opinion about your website. And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, we haven’t accidentally inserted an extra zero there. You’ve literally only got 50 milliseconds to make an impression.

Your website shouldn’t be any different to your physical premises. When you enter a shop, or take a seat in a restaurant – you’re automatically building an impression in your mind of the business and the people behind it. Messy signage, unclear prices, complicated deals, untidy surroundings, poor branding, absent staff – all these visual cues help you to form an opinion. But, is it the right one?
5 things your website is saying on your behalf

1. “We don’t want your business”

Because, the customer says…

• I can’t decipher what you actually do
• I can’t find what I need
• I can’t find any call to action buttons

2. “We can’t be bothered”

Because, the customer says…

• Your information is outdated
• It doesn’t work on my mobile
• It’s really slow to load
• Your links are broken

3. “We have low standards”

Because, the customer says…

• Your copy is littered with typos
• Your photographs and imagery is poor
• Your documents are obsolete
4. “We don’t really think about our customers”

Because, the customer says…

• The words aren’t speaking to me
• I can’t find what I’m looking for
• There are too many flash animations, videos are playing without my say-so, music is booming out
• I’m inclined to look elsewhere

5. “We’re a cowboy outfit”

Because, the customer says…

• It looks amateurish
• It reads amateurish

Does any of this resonate with your website?
Are you creating mobile madness too?

Websites have been described as many things. ‘Your website is the front door to your business.’ Or, ‘Your website is the window to your company.’ If any of this is true, then for too many organisations out there, their doors and windows are simply broken.

Last year, over half of all website traffic worldwide, was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3% in the previous year.

Yet, there are so many business websites out there, that are completely unreadable using a mobile phone.

If this is you, then your business is missing out.

It’s okay, we can help

There are generally three main reasons why you’ve finished and forgotten your website:

1. You’re too busy
2. You haven’t got the money
3. You don’t know what you’re doing

We get it. And that’s why at C2 Business, we can:

1. Do the work for you
2. Work within your budget
3. Offer you expert website knowledge and experience

Starting with a free website audit, we can then bolster your online presence by making sure your website:

• Gives the right impression of your business
• Promotes your brand
• Speaks to your customers in the right way
• Offers a great user experience
• Generates more business for you

But don’t take our word for it, Click Here to view a few of the websites we’ve transformed for businesses just like yours.

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