Build your Brand Awareness Online Organically with SEO

The importance of SEO 

For businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors building brand awareness is one of the most common challenges. While it can seem an insurmountable hurdle at times, there are some very simple, tried and tested methods through SEO that will make the task far easier and quicker to complete. Brand awareness in a nutshell is how pervasive your brand is among the relevant demographic. It is one of the most important factors in increasing the market share of any business and this article will share some vital tips on how to grow your brand awareness organically via SEO best practice.

SEO is one of the best friends a small or medium sized business can have, especially as they look to cement their brand in the consciousness of their target audience. SEO strategies are in a constant state of flux, reacting to Google’s algorithmic shifts as the search engine giant seeks to bring SEO and user experience ever closer together. In doing this, Google have effectively made SEO an even more important weapon in the arsenal of digital marketers seeking to promote brand awareness.

How to use SEO to boost brand awareness

Link building 

Dealing with the creation of links between yours and other websites, link building allows search engines to judge the legitimacy of your site and will improve your ranking in the relevant search results – pushing your site further to the forefront among the relevant consumers. The increased traffic resulting from these links is a real boost, but the key here is to ensure the links are high quality and relevant to your business to avoid an unhealthy bounce rate and attracting the wrong people.

Social media campaigns

Underestimate the continued, evolving and growing importance of social media. Social media gives you the chance to find your voice, keep it consistent and gain loyal followers on a local, national and international level. Understand your target audience and tap into real time news stories with your unique take, solve relevant ‘problems’ faced by your clientele and make sure not to overextend yourself in terms of the platforms you choose. Carry out some research into which platforms are most popular among the demographic you are targeting, too. Social media campaigns can completely revolutionise your brand awareness.

Focus on quality content

Having your site populated with quality, readable content that is keyword researched and deals with issues that are trending in your sector is inarguably the most efficient way to use SEO to boost brand awareness organically. It will allow you to tap into the right demographic, grabbing their attention and presenting your company as an authority on key topics and dilemmas. Use of videos, blogs, images and researched articles are all recommended. Ensure that your content is presented in a consistent voice, in line with the image you wish to portray and that articles are unique, well-researched and not plagiarised. A strong emphasis should be placed on visual media and content as people are far likelier to remain on a site with a strong aesthetic.

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