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New website and copywriting for a private jet company

Mirai Fly is a midlands-based global, private charter flight company, delivering superior end-to-end travel experiences to busy business executives and holidaymakers across the world.

With demand for private flights soaring, the Mirai Fly team wanted a brand-new, high-class website that could be easily found by online search engines. And what’s more, it had to be ready in lightning speed to quickly get a return on marketing investment.

In terms of look and feel, the website had to ooze luxury, exclusivity, and professionalism. It also needed to talk to two types of travellers. Those who were accustomed to flying privately and demanded the supreme-quality service they knew and loved. And those who were toying with the idea of flying privately, to escape the potentially Covid-19 infected crowds at commercial airports. The eye-catching Mirai Fly logo cleverly plays to the stripes on a pilot’s uniform.

More than that, Mirai Fly wanted a website to strongly convey their unique selling point (USP). The fact that travellers can liaise directly with the captain of the flight, to plan and shape their journey from start to finish.

  • + Website design and build
  • + Full site copywriting
  • + Image & Video editing
  • + Search engine optimisation
  • + Web hosting

Good use of images and video

Fully optimised, the website is now live, ranking highly via search engines, and driving enquiries to the Mirai Fly team.

The aesthetic is slick, modern, clean, polished, and professional. This is achieved by the black and white brand palette, intercepted with vibrant images of metal-grey aircraft and bright blue skies.

The site is dynamic, with shifting sliders that represent the moving aircraft, but it also has a calming effect, reflecting the serenity of private jet travel (a stark contrast to busy, commercial airports!).

Will Flanagan, Mirai Fly captain, said: “I think the website represents us beautifully. I’m really pleased with the end result and it’s already helping us to secure more bookings. “Everyone at C2 Business was easy to work with. They got the job done quickly and without any fuss.”