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marketing that will engage and convert

think Marketing

We dive headfirst into research, data analysis and your business challenges to understand the unique motivations, wants and needs of your end-users, then design engaging marketing solutions to find and convert them into your new customers.

Tailored Design

Our aim is to design the best digital experiences possible. This means generating ideas that put your customers at the centre of everything we recommend. Our approach is based on the principles of human behaviour and motivation, and are tailored to solve all your digital marketing challenges.


We’re attention seekers – proudly on your behalf – and our number one goal is to design and deliver digital experiences that increase time customers spend engaging, retention and brand loyalty. By understanding your brand and ethos from the inside we can create digital marketing that plays to your strengths and ideals.


OK, so with all the agencies in the UK how do you know who to choose? Well, why not try C2 Business for FREE? Get valuable insights into your current marketing mix and a detailed report with actions you can take to improve your digital marketing at NO CHARGE or obligation to purchase anything…Sound Sensible ?


The first step in any marketing program is to review where you are and where you would like to be…and we do this for FREE.


From our meeting we will develop a C2 Action Plan Report which will highlight immediate action you can take for FREE.


We can leave you at this stage to carry on with our report or engage further to develop your marketing mix in greater detail.


The final stage is to re-launch your business with a fresh set of goals and targets based on our detailed research and action plan report.

leadership team


C2 Business is now 7 members strong and growing all the time. Meet our team below. Every member of the team is results focused with a passion for delivering exceptional solutions for clients.

Brian Murphy

Brian has over 25 years marketing experience to share and is an MCIM with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Brian Murphy
CEO & Founder

Jessica Specter

Rebecca is an engaging and focused Client Manager who can quickly understand her clients’ needs and work with the internal team to deliver inspiring solutions..

Rebecca Whitehouse
Client Director

Lynda Smith

Qualified, Creative, Clever and Enthusiastic is the best way to describe Simon our head of graphic design and he amazes us every day with the work he produces.

simon clements
Head Of Graphic Design

Lynda Smith

Our head of finance Karen is all about the numbers, while the creative team design winning client campaigns, she ensures our company and administration run perfectly.

Karen Beatson
Finance Director

Mick Knight

Mick is our multi-talented head of all things technical including all our hosting packages and servers.

Mick Knight
Technical Manager

Lynda Smith

Richard is our new client Sales Manager and looks after all new incoming client enquires.

Richard Burdon
Client Manager


We are delighted to welcome Gemma to the team as our in house Copywriter.

Gemma Clements
Head Copywriter


Your brand is your greatest asset, at C2 Business we engage of course with you but, more importantly, we engage with YOUR END USER…our job is to ensure they find and interact with YOU….

the digital challenge


We are more connected than ever with the web via our 4G smart phones and tablets, but as digital users we are more demanding and opportunistic with our time and disposable income. The result is less engagement, lower levels of loyalty and a loss in revenue.

But, as we evolve as digital users there is also opportunity. If we can design and deliver the perfect user experience we can successfully shape behaviour and retain customers for the long term.


affordable and effective marketing solutions

As a truly hybrid Marketing Agency in Derby we successfully marry the perfect combination of Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualified marketers with a team of highly skilled creative visionaries. This perfect people mix allows us to discuss and design how best to market your brand and then hand over to our design team to bring our vision and strategy to the screen.


Design is about turning heads and engaging with someone new, not about how cool something looks.

When questioned people often believe that if something looks cool then it must be good, but that is not always the case, it’s simply style over substance. Consumers very quickly catch on when things are not as they seem with a brand or proposition. At C2 of course we like to design things that look great and work on ALL devices but more importantly we design output that captures the imagination and drives people to opt in and engage with you...Style And Substance.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Design for Print
  • Branding & Brand Guidelines
  • Stationary & Business Cards
  • Logo Design
  • Digital Brochures
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • and more


Understanding your brand proposition and consumer brand journey.

Your C2 Business Client Director will immerse themselves in the lives of your brand’s potential users, uncovering their motivations and needs. Armed with these game-changing insights, we shape strategies with the power to radically shift behaviour and engagement with your brand or proposition.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Brand and Identity Review
  • Website Landing & Journey Review
  • User Interviews & Feedback
  • Internal Stakeholder Reviews
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Content Review
  • Pay Per Click Review
  • Social Media Review
  • Overall Business Review


Your bespoke marketing strategy will be your set of tools that help you focus on and identify the different ways you can talk to your customers and prospects.

The ultimate goal will be to understand, locate and concentrate your efforts and investment on those customers and prospects that sit in your perfect demographic, and who will deliver your sales and revenue targets. Your Marketing Mix can include some or all of the routes to market listed below:

  • Website Design
  • Printed / Digital Brochures
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Telephone Sales Calling
  • Field Sales Visits
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Posting & Newsletters
  • Radio and TV Advertising
  • PR Campaigns


It's a data driven world, but how much is useful?

It’s all about BIG Data, analytics, visitors, conversations, engagement, traffic, bounce rate and on and on…so how much data is too much data? Well quite a lot actually, our thinking is simple, we make big data actually quite small by focusing on the data that really matters. By using just the right amount of data we can really understand it and put it to good use in your marketing mix.

  • Website Visitors
  • Readers Of Email Marketing Messages
  • Website Bounce Rate
  • Google Site Position
  • Website Page Session
  • Visitors To Certain Pages
  • Data Captured
  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
We Are Designers
We Are Marketers
We Are CIM Qualified
We Are RAR+ Recommended
We Are Creative

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latest projects


Over the last 5 years we have worked with a wide spectrum of clients from Country Houses and Wedding Venues to Road Resurfacing, IT and Catering Companies. We enjoy the challenge of researching and understanding new sectors and bringing our in house mix of skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to all new projects.

With over 129 customers and 100's of website, graphic design and consultancy projects under our belts it’s difficult to show everything here. Below you can review just a very small selection of work in progress and recently completed projects. For more examples, some free advice or to arrange a meeting to discuss your marketing or design needs, call us on 01332 412313.

full cycle

review understand improve

The key to going forward is to learn from where you have been. If your business is not where you want it to be then let's look back, locate what went wrong and put it right. The full cycle service is your tool for understanding where you are and where you want to be, we then work with you to put in place the building blocks to a stable and solid business future.

discover and learn

Here we analyze, discuss and review the position of your brand and develop your future goals, through identifying your USP's and target demographic.


Working historically, we understand the brand journey to date and where we need to take it, using a C2 Action Plan Report we highlight both threats and opportunities and suggest how to deal with them.


Looking forward now, we will design your marketing roadmap and test it through a course of research and discussion, highlighting and adjusting our plan as we go with a target to develop a launch strategy.


Planning and discussion become action as we go live with new ideas, This might be a brand refresh, new website, promotion or a new product, the Full Cycle Solution is your tool in designing and testing your future digital marketing activities.

We use a comprehensive data and analysis package to monitor everything we do, Monthly reports allow us to look at changes both positive and negative and adjust our strategy as we go. Constant monitoring and adjustment allows us to maximise on the wins and deliver quick tangible results for you.

Our Numbers

Some of the cool facts about us


C2 Business is staffed by motivated and focused people, whose passion is to help deliver clients' success.



All C2 websites are built in industry standard HTML5 and CSS3, we are happy to add Cushy CMS to all our sites if user updating is required. Cushy CMS is free for users and no special programming skills are required for you to use it. We do not use any special software or sell you an expensive custom CMS package that then locks you in to us as a supplier. When you buy a site from us you retain maximum flexibility.

All our websites are fully mobile responsive, pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test, are coded for good SEO position on the major search engines and monitored via Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Finally, every website we design will be unique and bespoke to you and your brand, we will design your site to reflect your business, your products and your ethos.

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Tel: 01332 412313

2 Thurvaston Mount, Thurvaston Lane
Longford, Ashbourne, derby, de63du